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At the +SALUD Physiotherapy Center, we are specialized physiotherapists in sports physiotherapy, which means we focus on rehabilitating and readapting individuals with musculoskeletal dysfunctions caused by sports or physical exercise at all levels.

In recent years, interest in competitive sports has increased, along with a growing awareness among a significant portion of the population about the health benefits of physical activity. Therefore, our center specializes in addressing all pathologies generated by sports practice, whether for leisure, amateur, or professional levels.

Additionally, we understand the importance of quick recovery for athletes to resume their sports routines. Therefore, we first analyze the injury in a holistic manner, recreating the injury chain and restoring the athlete’s biomechanics. We also utilize the most advanced technology (T-Care, shock waves, etc.) and the most effective techniques, such as:

Dry Needling

This technique is considered one of the most effective for treating muscle injuries, specifically trigger points that are responsible for muscle pain and preventing the muscle from relaxing.

It involves inserting sterile acupuncture needles into trigger points without injecting any substances to deactivate these points.

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This technique is completely harmless and free from any chemical agents’ side effects. It also accelerates the patient’s healing process by allowing access to deep muscle points that cannot be reached manually, and in most cases, the effect is felt by the patient immediately.

Kinesiotaping or Neuromuscular Taping

kinesiotaping mas salud altea

This type of taping, which we often see on elite athletes in vibrant colors and strange shapes, is very popular.

The peculiarity of this taping lies in its application and wavy fabric, which produces many beneficial effects on the human body while allowing maximum mobility. Specifically, for athletes, it enables them to perform their sports activities with virtually no movement restriction.

With no side effects and being water-resistant, this tape remains intact for 5 to 7 days, providing the following benefits:

  • Improves lymphatic and venous drainage.
  • Supports sore and weak muscles.
  • Corrects joint alignment issues.
  • Helps heal muscle tears.
  • Strengthens atrophied muscles.

For all these reasons, this type of taping is an important reinforcement for any prior osteopathic and physiotherapy treatment, helping to accelerate the patient’s healing process.

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