Harmonizing the Human Body

Our main goal is to harmonize the human body, meaning we evaluate and treat the patient globally since an injury never comes alone.

Our entire body is interconnected; many systems are involved in any movement of our body, including vascular, neurological, muscular, joint, tendon, ligament, and even visceral systems. Pain is nothing more than a body alert indicating that something is not functioning correctly.

Thus, an injury may originate in an area far from the pain zone and also produce associated pains due to compensation.

Did you know that pain on the inner side of the knee can be an alert for a lumbar problem, or that shoulder pain can be caused by a muscle in the dorsal area of the back, or that even a lung problem can signal pain in the middle part of the back?

Personalized Treatment

All of the above leads us to our second goal, treating the patient in a personalized manner.

Each person is unique; thus, the same injury in two different people may not have the same symptoms, evolution, or even the same cause.

For us, the most important thing is to listen to the patient and try to interpret their symptoms, applying the appropriate techniques for their correct evolution and prompt recovery.