The most revolutionary technique with the highest level of effectiveness in the world of rehabilitation is now within your reach

TECAR® is a new biocompatible energy that has brought about a revolutionary change in non-surgical traumatic pathology.

Compared to other known systems, it is the only energy capable of creating true and adequate cellular biostimulation, which is the basis for tissue regeneration. It achieves this through the combination of 2 mechanisms:

  • Deep hyperthermia (deep heat), not transmitting heat as traditional techniques do but by increasing the internal temperature of the body.
  • The increase in the electrical potential of our cell membranes (the regeneration of our cells).

It integrates with all manual therapies performed by physiotherapists, such as massage, enhancing its effect by making it deeper and strongly stimulating, capable of shortening therapeutic times.

TECAR® combines 2 modalities:

  • Capacitive: acts specifically on soft tissues (muscles, vascular and lymphatic systems, etc.).
  • Resistive: acts exclusively on tissues with greater resistance (bones, cartilage, tendons, aponeurosis).
tecarterapia mas salud altea

It guarantees reduced healing times, immediate results; and above all, safe and stable results as it is based on stimulating the tissue’s own repair capacity.

Before TECAR®, it seemed impossible to achieve a deep therapeutic action without contraindications. Today, after years of research, TECAR® benefits from an innovative principle that acts at the level of the deepest biological tissues, reaching where no technology has reached before.

Numerous federations and professional sports teams successfully use it, such as FC Barcelona, due to the speed of its results.

With TECAR®, the treatment is painless and almost no side effects are recorded. Special precautions should only be taken for people with pacemakers, those insensitive to temperature, and pregnant women.

The beneficial effects are quick and very evident; just one session is enough to understand the validity of tecartherapy.

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