First and foremost, we are physiotherapists, and as such, we have a commitment to improving the quality of life of our patients, offering a perspective different from the medical one, while complementing it.

Many people still associate the physiotherapist with “the massage,” but the truth is that our arsenal of therapeutic techniques goes much further. Nowadays, a physiotherapist can treat conditions that cover a wide range of fields such as pediatric, neurological, traumatic, rheumatic, sports, respiratory, and even genitourinary and sexual dysfunction conditions.

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Specifically, at the +SALUD physiotherapy center, we consider ourselves “health agents,” involved in offering our patients multiple solutions to their health problems; currently focusing mainly on traumatic, rheumatic, vascular, and especially sports injuries; reducing the recovery time as much as possible.

Additionally, we are committed to continuous education, advancing with science to bring the most innovative techniques and methods, always ensuring their safety, reliability, and effectiveness.

We consider ourselves health agents, involved with our patients, primarily aiming to improve their quality of life and reducing their recovery time as much as possible.